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NEX Digital is a full-service firm that assists brands in building and increasing their internet presence through brand identity.


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Habib Reno

NEX Digital, is pleased to share the news that it has been retained by Habib Reno, a well-known general contracting firm. NEX Digital is going to be presenting Habib Reno with a comprehensive package of ...

Shawarma Street

Shawarma Street is a new restaurant that offers a variety of delicious and authentic shawarma dishes. As a new business, the team at Shawarma Street contacted us to create a strong visual identity with a ...

Westend Painting

Westend Painting offers residential and business painting services. The company just created a new website and implemented SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics to boost its online presence and visibility. The team also applied SEO to increase ...

Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge was assisted by NEX Digital Agency in achieving their business objectives through branding, marketing, sponsored ads, food photography, menu creation, and social media management. We assisted Sky Lounge in developing a brand identity that ...

RK Forever Jewellery

RK Forever Jewellery is a store that sells expensive jewellery. They recently worked with us to improve their online sales and presence. The team did a number of things to help the company reach new ...

London Hair Studio

A recent rebranding effort has brought London Hair Studio's look and feel up to date and in line with the salon's upscale, expert clientele. The new strategy for the salon includes an online booking system, ...

The Realty Firm – Robert Peters

Robert Peters collaborated with Nex Digital to increase his internet visibility and sales. The Nex Digital team used a number of techniques to assist him in reaching new clients and showcasing his properties, including enhancing ...


NEX Digital Agency collaborated with Snackco, an online candy store that sells uncommon, nostalgic, and international treats. Branding, marketing, sponsored commercials, and social media management helped Snackco reach their business goals. First, we helped Snackco design ...


The online grocery retailer Progrocer hired Nex Digital Agency to assist them sell and distribute fresh food like fruits and vegetables. Progrocer was established during the pandemic to meet the needs of consumers who preferred ...

Mega Construction

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