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Modern Upholstery is a premier upholstery service provider that specializes in creating contemporary and stylish furniture pieces. The team at Modern Upholstery approached us to develop a cohesive visual identity for their brand, including a new logo, website, and menu design. With a focus on modern aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship, Modern Upholstery wanted to establish themselves as a leading authority in the upholstery industry.

For the website of Modern Upholstery, our design team was dedicated to creating a visually stunning and user-friendly experience for potential customers. The website showcases the expertise and creativity of Modern Upholstery through high-quality images of their unique furniture designs and showcases their wide range of upholstery services. The aim was to captivate visitors and provide them with a glimpse of the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each project.

One essential feature of the website was the integration of an online consultation and quote request system. This allowed customers to easily connect with the Modern Upholstery team and discuss their specific upholstery needs. By streamlining the consultation process, the website made it convenient for customers to receive personalized advice and accurate cost estimates, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

Overall, the website for Modern Upholstery has significantly strengthened the brand’s online presence and positioned them as a top choice for contemporary upholstery services. The combination of visually appealing designs and convenient online features has made it effortless for customers to explore Modern Upholstery’s offerings, connect with the team, and bring their furniture visions to life.


Modern Upholstery







In creating the website for Shawarma Street Restaurant, the design team focused on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for customers. One key element of the website was the implementation of an online ordering system, which allowed customers to easily place their orders and have them delivered or ready for pickup at the restaurant. The restaurant wanted to offer their customers the convenience of being able to order online, and saving on service fees was another benefit of accepting orders on the site. This was a problem that had previously been identified by the restaurant.

Overall, the website for Shawarma Street Restaurant has helped to improve the restaurant's online presence and provide a more convenient and enjoyable experience for customers. By offering online ordering and a comprehensive menu, the website has made it easier for customers to order and enjoy the delicious food at Shawarma Street Restaurant.