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When Sinbad Restaurant decided to embrace the digital world fully, they turned to us at NEX Digital with a vision of bringing their traditional Iraqi cuisine to a broader audience. They were passionate about their culinary heritage but knew they needed a fresh, modern brand image to capture the hearts and palates of today’s diners.

Our journey began with capturing the essence of Sinbad’s dishes through professional food photography, making each meal look as irresistible online as it does on the plate. We then redesigned their branding and menus to reflect the rich history and vibrant flavors of Iraqi cuisine, ensuring that every touchpoint with customers—from social media posts to the website—told a part of Sinbad’s story.

The website overhaul was crucial. We crafted an online space that wasn’t just visually appealing but also user-friendly, making it easy for customers to explore the menu, learn about the restaurant’s history, and make reservations. The integration of an intuitive navigation system and an aesthetic that mirrors the warmth and hospitality of Sinbad made the site a cornerstone of their digital presence.

To round out our comprehensive strategy, we launched targeted social media campaigns to engage with the community, share the culture behind the cuisine, and invite people to experience Sinbad’s offerings firsthand. The result? An increased digital footprint, higher engagement, and a significant uptick in reservations and inquiries.

Working with Sinbad Restaurant was not just about updating a website or posting on social media; it was about weaving the rich tapestry of Iraqi culture into a brand that resonates with today’s consumers. Together, we brought the essence of Sinbad to life online, ensuring that each visitor leaves with a craving for their authentic, flavorful dishes.


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